The biggest difference between you now and when you were young are hormone levels. When you were in your late teens to early 20s, hormone levels were at their peak. At that age you could gain strength without even trying. Now you have to work twice as hard to get half as far. Why? Because at 35 years old the hormones necessary for building and maintaining strength start to decline and by 70 they may only be 25% (or less) of what they were at 20.
That decline dramatically inhibits your ability to build and maintain muscle and strength and it also increases the time it takes
to recover from strenuous physical activities.


Introducing T-Factor and GH-Elite...advanced natural hormone support, safe and  effective strength restoration. Click the links below to visit product websites.


T-Factor and GH-Elite have been available for years, GH-Elite since 2000 and T-Factor since 2004. However, they have never been marketed for sports performance before, but now it's justified because of the vast number of older adults getting into sports and physical activities.
T-Factor and GH-Elite are "Sports Supplements" for Boomer Jocks & Geezer Jocks.

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Attention Boomer Jocks And Geezer Jocks

Why is that? Why does strength go down as age goes up?
We all know it happens but what is actually going on?

What if you could get some of that lost strength back? Is that even possible?
Yes, with the help of some very advanced nutrition.

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A little background info
Hi, I'm Gary Tucker. I started NutraSource and its sports division, Muscle Valley in 1997. I'm an old jock, a boomer jock, just turned 73. I was a shot-putter/discus thrower at KU, a Jayhawk for life. I still work out. I still want to challenge myself. I just bought a discus so I could maybe compete at the masters level. I want to try. Fun to me is biking, hiking, lifting, kayaking, sweating, pushing...yes crazy, just like you. I take both of these products and they keep me feeling young. I formulated them after years of research and input from medical experts. For over 20 years I've sold them to doctors, trainers, and to individuals. I've had many of the same customers for as long as 20 yrs. Now I want to concentrate on people like me, old jocks, Boomer Jocks and Geezer Jocks who aren't ready to hang up our shoes and put away our weights. Not me, for sure not me!  Whether you become a customer or not, good luck with your quest. I salute you. I'd like to hear about what and how you're doing in your sport...I really would.
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Sorry, I'm not a facebooker, don't like Zucker-what's his name. Not into social media...I know, what's wrong with me? Just old-fashioned I guess.

Is this you? You're over 50, maybe even over 70, and you're out there biking, hiking, paddling, lifting and running. You're really pushing and challenging yourself. Maybe you're an old high school or college athlete determined to relive the good old days,  possibly compete again. Whatever you're doing, you're giving it everything you have and trying not to let age be a factor. Besides, why should the kids have all the fun?

But age is a factor, no way around it. You've lost a lot of strength.

The loss of growth hormone effects women just as much as men. However the drop in  testosterone isn't as critical since women have much less to begin with. Still,
T-Factor is very beneficial, especially for endurance.

Boomer Jock-
Physically active adult born at end
of WW2 1945-48

Geezer Jock Physically active adult 50 and older

Not all Geezer Jocks are Boomer Jocks but all Boomer Jocks are Geezer Jocks

Now aren't you glad that was cleared up?


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Give the "Old Bod" the boost it needs to enjoy your sport or activity a lot more. And maybe even "out do" the kids!

GH-Elite & T-Factor have helped 1000s of
older adults become healthier and stronger for almost 2 decades.

T-Factor is especially effective for endurance in higher elevations


Kick Old Age In The Keester!

(Physically Active Adults Over 50)